National Sports Week

National Sports week is well underway and the children are having a great time trying out new sports alongside our friends from St John Bosco School. To round off the sporting year all the Maghull schools will be celebrating their sporting acheivements at an event on the 8th July. We will be selecting a representative of our winning Basketball team to attend (we only have a very limited number of places at the event) we will also be sending our sports person of the yaer, nomiated by the children, to recieve an award. Each Year group from Yeasr 3-6 has chosen a sports person of the year who will be receiving a certificate from school. Well done to all the nominees.

School will be closed tomorrow (27th June) due to regional industrial action by teachers.
MUFTI DAY Friday 28th in return for wearing their own clothes children are asked to bring a small gifte.g. sweets, cuddly toy, colouring book, gift set etc.. for the summer fair.

A big thanks to those who ahve returned the parent questionaires they will help us shape future changes. I will provide feedback in due course.

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  1. I read it!
    Thanks for letting the iTechno Club present in assembly today. We will write out instructions in today’s session on Wednesday afternoon (this week 10/7/13) and distribute to each class so that anyone can submit an activity.

    1. Sorry, I meant to say…in the next iTechno session on Wednesday …
      (I guess there isn’t an ‘edit’ button on here???)

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