Maths for Life

Dear Parents,
We are always looking for ways to put learning into context and would like your help to assist us with a new project.
If you are a parent who uses mathematics in your job and could help children to understand how their learning in school will help to prepare them for work in the real world, we need your help!
Examples may be jobs involving money, weights, measures, shapes, counting, adding, multiplying, problem solving… the list is endless.
We aim to set up an initial session from 9.15 to 9.45 on Thursday 23rd October in the school hall. Our Y5 children will come down and spend about 5 minutes with each volunteer, listening to their stories and finding out how maths forms part of their job.
We may then offer similar sessions to other classes at a later date.
If you are interested in talking to the children on the 23rd October, cannot make that date but would be interested in future sessions, or would like any further information, please contact us.  Please let us know a little bit about your job and what aspects of maths are relevant so that we can offer a range of topics for our children.
Thank you in anticipation of your help!
Mrs Hains

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